Why not Wonderland?!

Down the Rabbit HoleA brief introduction to the reasons for starting this site and where it's going

As someone who starts a lot of projects just to never finish them, I finally figured out how to find a use for my sudden rush of boredom with projects. I created this Wonderland as a playground for all the little things I want to try out.
In addition to snippets of code, I'll write thoughts and ideas down that led me to those snippets in the first place.

Just a Matter of Time

It's not really boredom in its own sense. Sudden loss of motivation would fit better, I guess. I assume a lot of people have a similar hard time being motivated for a project long enough to see it through.
For me, it's not the amount of time I spent on a project or the amount of work waiting for me. It's the thought I know how to solve this particular problem. Everything else is now just a matter of typing it out. that kills my motivation.

Using Boredom as a Tool

Since I don't seem to be able to finish projects as a whole, I figured that I'll use this site to test my ideas somewhere without having to make a project out of it. This way I can still test the core of a solution and at the same time create some kind of portfolio of my skills.

More than just Code

The only project I keep on working on for years are my diaries. I'm writing my thoughts and emotions down on a semi-regular basis since 2013. It helps me to unclutter my brain and see things from a different perspective.
The idea is to write the problems and ideas down, so that I'll see them from a different perspective and find better and more elegant solutions.

What's coming next?

As I'll add more problems and their solutions this page will hopefully grow with new features and designs. I plan on adding features like a navigation, once the need arises. Since there are no more pages on here at the time of writing this, there is no point in writing one.

Picture of the author: Hermann Ibragimow

Hermann IbragimowAfter one semester Information Technology Studies in Cologne, one semester Information Science and Language Technology in Dusseldorf and one semester Computational Linguistics back in Cologne, I started working full time at Studitemps GmbH without finishing any bachelor's degree. This just shows how I drop things if they don't catch me completely. I hope this page won't be one of my unfinished projects.